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So, I write songs and sing them too. Both for work, shows and my own personal pleasure - but mostly for shows. I can play the ukulele, banjolele, guitar and washboard and have fussed around with the mandolin and buzuki. 


Here are some things I wrote recently and some covers and I post on the regular on TikTok (@qwanbiatch)

Ballad of Rosabelle Lee (Storytelling Murder Ballad)

Everything is Stupid (Alice in Wonderland Holiday Show)

Freedom and Love (Inspired by a Community Based Arts Project)

River (Joni Mitchell)

Glitter in the Air (P!nk)

The Ballad of Rosabelle Lee - Jenny Lamb
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Everything is Stupid - Jenny Lamb for Dell'Arte Holiday Show
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Freedom and Love - Jenny Lamb
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River (Joni Mitchell Cover) - Jenny Lamb
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Glitter in the Air (P!nk Cover) - Jenny Lamb
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